Smash Point - A Virtual Reality Game for Younger Players

Smash Point

A non stop cartoon riot of lunacy, laughter and launchers. Lots of launchers…

What is Smash Point?

It’s a fast furious frenzy of fish firing flingers, a ballistic bashathon of ball blasting bangers, an escalating episode of electrocuting energy emitters with a kaleidoscopic clutch of crazy cool characters and beautiful bevy of bewildering yet breath-taking biomes. It’s simply fantastic!

Dive into a cartoon-styled world, chasing and smashing each other with the coolest weapons. Smash Point is a competitive multiplayer VR game full of visual comedic fun. The game is played in Deathmatch mode, all against all, the fun never ends because nobody is out of the match for long!

Smash Point is a game you can, and will want to play over and over, and it will always delight!

Smash Point is the perfect game for families with younger players and birthday parties, as it’s super easy to learn and play and it’s a huge dollop of good old silly fun that everyone can enjoy together.