Archer - A Virtual Reality Escape Game

Archer taking aim at orcs, goblins and trolls


Fight, shoot, work as a team. Can you keep the enemy from the door?


Ever fancied yourself as Legalas? Think you can defeat hordes of orcs?

In Archer, you’ll be up against orcs, goblins and trolls attacking your fortress, and if you live long enough you’ll take on the BIG BOSS!

Are you ready to gather your team to slay monsters together?

Our Latest Review!

Absolutely fabulous experience! The attention to detail was second to none and the puzzles were well considered and varied. Enough room for a group of six to work comfortably and more rooms to explore than any previous escape rooms completed.

The host was brilliant and gave enough subtle hints to keep us moving without giving away too much. Definitely the best in Southampton and possibly the south of England. When you have a 90 minute limit it makes such a pleasant change to actually need the whole time. Was absolutely worth every penny!