Welcome to Sneaky Dog Escapes, the award winning mixed media Escape Rooms in Southampton.

Virtual Reality Escapes

If you’re looking for an outstanding family or group activity that will bring everyone together, Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are the perfect choice. Escape rooms have evolved!

Physical Escapes Rooms

Are you looking for a more traditional, hands on escape room? Our physical rooms are well designed, heavily themed and, obviously,  super sneaky! Get to grips with a new challenge!

Escape with us

Mixed Media escape room venue? Surely, we’re just making up terms now…  But no…

At Sneaky Dog Escapes, we are pushing the boundaries of escape room adventures. We love a good escape room, and feel passionate about building the best rooms we can. At the same time, we have an eye on the future.

Our physical escape rooms
are carefully designed with fun and game play in mind. We take great care over small details, and aim to deliver a high level of immersion. They are about
having fun and being entertained, not just about being locked in a room!

Having tried and tested some of the best virtual reality escape adventures available, we’re pleased to have partnered with gaming software giants Ubisoft, and leading VR specialist Arvi, to bring you the best fully immersive virtual reality escape adventures.

This is why an adventure with us is about you, and your entertainment. At Sneaky Dog Escapes, you’ll find a wider, more diverse selection of possibilities than any other venue in Southampton.

More possibilities means more choice, more adventure and more fun!

Sneaky Dog Escapes in Southampton provides the perfect family, group, team, party or corporate activity, so when you’re looking for your next adventure, come to Sneaky Dog Escapes and be unlimited by reality.

Don’t just take our word for it…


A non stop cartoon riot of lunacy, laughter and launchers. Lots of launchers…

The perfect game for players 9+