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Rocking a lockdown birthday

P.A.R.T.WHY … This year it’s more like P.A.R.T.HOW! Let’s get the birthday lockdown party started.

My son turned 11 in May! For once he was decisive about what he wanted. Not always an easy feat with a pre-teen son who thinks shrugging is a recognised language. He was having a pool party at the local leisure centre…which is closed, with a group of mates…that he can’t see.

A frowning dog in a birthday hat.
Lockdown Birthday isnt fun for him.

Sneaky Dog Escapes.

Come on… you knew the answer. And here’s why. VR fun delivered straight to your home: no mess, no fuss, no hassle…only great entertainment and a stress-free, exhilarating birthday to remember.

What do you get? You get escapism. An adventure. You get Fun. You get laughter. Happy children who have a fantastic birthday party even at this unusual time.

A boy playing virtual reality at home. The googles have goofy googly eyes on them. His shirt says turned 11 in quarintine but he looks very happy, lockdown birthday doesnt mean bad birthday,

Adopt a VR puppy.

Not a puppy that you have to clean up after or stop it chewing your favourite heels (yes, Sneaky Dog did do that). Our VR puppy is a virtual reality birthday party in a box! It comes with the headset, hand controllers, spare batteries and all the games are already loaded into the headset ready for you to choose and play. Within 5 minutes of us delivering the VR puppy, you are ready to play. Play what? Well, we have over 30 games already locked, loaded and ready to go right inside the headset. You just choose and go!

6 steps.

to solve your lockdown party problems:

  1. First, our VR headsets. They are the best self-contained headsets on the market, we’re not talking about a phone strapped into a plastic box here. They really will let you escape reality.
  2. Then, add games. The best games? You bet ya! 9 of the current top 10 games for VR are on our headsets. Infact, with over 30 games, there’s something for everyone.
  3. Make it simple. If you can use a smartphone, you can use our headsets, but just in case, we include a really simple to follow setup guide with each headset.
  4. Add extra stuff. Each headset comes with a few items to extend the gameplay. Expect to get a whole day of gameplay before having to charge the batteries.
  5. Most importantly, sanitise it. How? This is the real trick. We know how to clean this stuff, really clean it. Adam is a clean freak, and has already killed a controller or two with too much cleaning fluid. Adam strips each set down as far as feasible after each booking, and really goes to town! If it can be washed, it goes in the wash, if it can be reached, it’s disinfected.
  6. Lastly, deliver it. We bring it to you and collect it afterwards we could outsource this, but we couldn’t be certain of the chain of custody. We do it ourselves to ensure nobody has touched your set once it has been cleaned.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re really proud to have made your day special and we’re always delighted to hear what our players have to say.

  • “Awesome service as well as fun – headsets delivered with full instructions and easy to set up, collected the next day. Highly recommended.”
  • “We rented for our son’s 8th birthday. The quality was great – amazing compared to the VR we have for the playstation. I would highly recommend it! Perfect for all ages! Games for everyone. We are going to do the same for our son’s 12th birthday. You must give it a try.”
  • “My 16 year old loved the action games and I scaled a glacier in a snowstorm. I can’t recommend Sneaky Dog Escapes enough. Adam was so helpful with ideas and tips and we will definitely be hiring them again very soon.”

Have questions?

So, as Bill Murray asked: “Who are you gonna call?”

Call us. Just call us and talk to us. We love this stuff and will talk you through all the ins and outs. There’s no obligation to book anything, and you can go through all the questions and ideas you have. A birthday is a big thing for a kid, and making it special during lockdown is tough. We’d love to help if we can.


  1. How easy is it to set up and use? – VERY – I promise
  2. How many headsets do I need? – We’d suggest 1 for each child in the house. We normally recommend 2 headsets for a family of 4 (and there’s a discount for hiring 2 at the same time so it makes it a good affordable option with less family arguments.)
  3. How much space do I need? – We recommend 2m x 2m per headset
  4. I’m stuck, can you help me? – Of course! We want you to experience the joy, exhilaration and downright impressiveness of VR. So if you are stuck – call us! As simple as that. It’s all part of being a member of the Sneaky Dog pack. There’s a number on the quick start guide.
  5. We loved it and don’t want the party to end! – Phone or message us and we can extend your booking (where possible).
  6. I’m worried about breaking them! – Just like a real puppy, our VR headsets are robust but breakable. So don’t worry about using them, they are made to endure a bit of a knock here and there, just treat them with a little care. We recommend that you put them in the box when not in use, and we request you always use the lens cover when they are not being worn. This is the only really essential bit, because the only really fragile bit is the lenses – like vampires, they really do need to be kept out of the sun.

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