The Pegasus Project

A race against time to prevent Spidertech unleashing a global mind control virus

Play for only £20 for the team!

How to play


Purchase your code. It’s good for up to 6 browsers. 


Grab a team! Family, Friends, Co-workers etc. Log in to your preferred video conferencing facility.


Follow the instructions in your confirmation email. Login and activate your game.  


Be Sneaky and enjoy your game.

You will have 24 hours to complete the game.

Good luck!

Please note: The Pegasus Project requires access to Facebook Messenger to communicate with HQ. The main game runs in a browser on a PC or laptop.

Be Social

Friends play the pegasus project online escape room on a laptop.

Play online with your family, your extended family, your friends or co-workers. Everyone can login to the same game at once. The Pegasus Project supports up to 6 browsers simultaneously.

Be Sneaky

An investigation into the pegasus project complete with maps and notes

There are plenty of devious puzzles to sink your teeth into in The Pegasus Project, so get creative and work together as you puzzle you way out.

Be Competitive

2 teams go head to head to beat the online escape room before the other!

You don’t have to play together. You could play against each other… Pick teams and race to be the first team to escape! (each team will require their own code at £20 each)

Be Entertained

A man is excited to play the online escape room "The pegasus project."

Have a great time as you laugh, cheer, snoop, puzzle, riddle and play together.

Spidertech. A shadowy organistion hiding behind a front of a reputable bio research company.

All is not well. They have plans. Big, dangerous plans.

We are W.I.S.E and we are working to destabilise Spidertech and prevent them bringing their evil machinations to fruition.

Our top man inside, Agent Spike, has gone dark. 3 scientists have suddenly died. We fear the worst. As our top team of agents, we need you to get in there and find out what’s going on. You’ll have help, but it’s up to you to save us all.

1+ players. Mission Length 120 minutes approx. £20 per team (corporate rates available upon request)

Ages 12+