Dr Van Hollywood's Marvelous Movie Maze

a challenge-based adventure game that can be played from the comfort of your living room.

Play for just £19.99 for the team!

How to play


Purchase your code. It’s good for up to 6 browsers. 


Then, grab a team! Family, Friends, Co-workers etc and start your preferred video conferencing facility.


Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to login and activate your game.  


Be Sneaky and enjoy your game.

You will have 24 hours to complete the game.

Good luck!

Please note: The B.R.U.C.E Project only runs on Laptops and PCs. Smart devices are not compatible.

Be Social

Logo for "Marvelous Movie Maze" that features a film reel overldayed ontop of the online escape room

Play online with your family, your extended family, your friends or co-workers. Everyone can login to the same game at once. The B.R.U.C.E Project supports up to 6 browsers simultaneously.

Be Sneaky

The marvelous movie maze map

Assemble your team of up to 6 players via Zoom and visit the website to log on.

Make your way through four distinct movie zones, including: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure and Action!

Be Competitive

Your nominated captain, or captains if you’re playing against other teams, will choose a team member to participate in each mini-challenge.
 Succeed and you’ll win a coveted movie-prop.

Be Entertained

Each prop can be traded for precious seconds in the Projection Room finale. Grab as many film reels as you can to win the game!


In a world where people crave the most immersive entertainment imaginable, Scientist Dr Flik Van Hollywood has created a breakthrough invention like no other… The Quantum projector.

A device that can manipulate reality, allowing users to feel they’re inside their favourite movies.

But wait.… there’s more, an unexpected power serge results in a malfunction… opening up a series of worm home holes connecting our world into the movie world.

Now the doc must rely on a plucky band of new recruits to journey through the lab closing down the ever-expending wormholes before they consume our reality for ever.

Join us on an adventure like no other in Dr Van Hollywood’s Marvellous movie maze!

Coming to your screen….right now!

More Information


The game is best played in chrome on a laptop or desktop computer. It is not compatible with mobile devices or tablets.

‘Tabbing out’ or ‘minimizing’ the game window will prevent the game from progressing for all players. For this reason, we recommend staying within the window for the duration of the game. If a player needs to leave for any reason, it is best for them to exit the game entirely and re-join later.

A good internet connection is required. If possible, we recommend ceasing other high-volume internet activity such as downloading or streaming whilst playing the game. If playing on a less stable connection, it is recommended that video is turned off on the chosen communication platform. The player with the best connection should act as the team captain (see step 3 of joining guide).

The game is designed to resize to your browser window, but if you can’t see the whole screen or some parts are being cut off, zooming in or out on the browser may help fix this. In Chrome, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner to access the zoom function. 

The game features sound, music, and video. To prevent this sound from echoing back into your chosen communication platform, we suggest wearing headphones to play. If you are unable to do this, it may be necessary to mute and unmute your communication platform or browser during video or audio content.

If you are playing on a restricted network (e.g. a work device), it may be necessary to contact your network administrator in advance, so that they can permit access to the game servers on the network firewalls. A list of the ports which must be allowed can be found via the following link

If you experience any issues that are not covered by this guide, please refer to our online trouble shooting page that can be found here: http://www.escaperoomonline.co.uk/movietroubleshooting


This is a challenged-based game that takes part over 4 genre-themed sectors: Fantasy, Action, Adventure and Science Fiction.

Players take it in turns to tackle various movie challenges. These challenges will fall in one of 4 different categories. Logic, Observation, Skill or Wordplay. The team captain must select one member from the team to play each challenge. Succeed and the player will win a prop for the team.

Each prop will earn the team 3 seconds in the Projection Room finale, where players must work together to grab as many film cells as possible, before the time limit expires.

Tip: Only one player will be able to control each game, but other players are welcome to help in any way they can.

Tip: Each game is against the clock so it is best to get started as quickly as possible.