B.R.U.C.E Saves Christmas

A retro inspired online multiplayer escape room experience

Play for just £19.99 for the team!

How to play


Purchase your code. It’s good for up to 6 browsers. 


Then, grab a team! Family, Friends, Co-workers etc and start your preferred video conferencing facility.


Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to login and activate your game.  


Be Sneaky and enjoy your game.

You will have 24 hours to complete the game.

Good luck!

Please note: B.R.U.C.E Saves Christmas only runs on Laptops and PCs. Smart devices are not compatible.


Note: You must have at least two devices for this game due to the cooperative nature of some puzzles.

Be Social

The screenshot shows puzzles from the online escape room "bruce saves christmas"

Play online with your family, your extended family, your friends or co-workers. Everyone can login to the same game at once. B.R.U.C.E Saves Christmas supports up to 6 browsers simultaneously.

Be Sneaky

The screenshot shows puzzles from the online escape room "bruce saves christmas"

There are plenty of devious puzzles to sink your teeth into in B.R.U.C.E Saves Christmas, so get creative and work together as you puzzle you way out.


Be Competitive

Leaderboard for bruce saves christmas

You don’t have to play together. You could play against each other… Pick teams and race to be the first team to escape! (each team will require their own code at £19.99 each)

Be Entertained

A family having lots of fun playing an online escape room together

Have a great time as you laugh, cheer, snoop, puzzle, riddle and play together. 

B.R.U.C.E. Saves Christmas is the hilarious and festive new online escape room from the team behind ‘The B.R.U.C.E. Project’.

Take control of wisecracking robot B.R.U.C.E. as he investigates Santa’s kidnapping.

Work as a team to solve puzzles, collect evidence and eliminate suspects, in your quest to find out whodunnit.

Use Zoom, and the special synchronised game system, to work together in real time and see what your teammates see!

Desktop or laptop only, not mobile compatible
Approx. 60-90 minute game. No cut off
2- 6 players per team (one purchase = 1 team)
Play whenever you like. No need to book a time
High quality production values and actor-based video content
Synchronised games make it a truly co-operative experience
Suitable for both experienced escapers and beginners, with built in hint system
Full to the brim with festive spirit & humour!
Game instructions and a product key are emailed to you. Please check your junk folder if you don’t receive this email.