Welcome to Christmas 2022 at Sneaky Dog Escapes

It’s that tme again! CHRISTMAS!
Gift Vouchers, the trees, the mince pies.. It’s amazing! Why not join us for a game or two!

Physical Christmas

Our fabulous Christmas family escape room designed specifically for families. Younger players welcome!

Under 7’s play free!

VR Christmas

Amazing VR escape game perfect for younger players. Help Santa land his sleigh and Save Christmas

Christmas Party!

Christmas is upon us again and it’s time to book your Christmas Party! We are the perfect venue for smaller teams looking for something different this year!

Elf School - Physical Escape Game

Take on the challenge of Elf School, our Christmas-themed physical escape room. It’s a festival of festive family-friendly fun for Elves of all ages. As trainee Elves, it’s time for your graduation test to see if you have what it takes to join Elite Elf Squad that helps Santa spread Christmas joy.

You’ll need the key Elf skills of optimism, leadership, time management, and remaining calm under pressure.

After 400 years of training, it’s time for the final graduation. It may seem unfair that it all boils down to just 1 hour, but to be the best, you have to pass the test. You’ll enter our simulation living room where you’ll be trapped by the naughty humans who are trying to prove you exist. If you can’t escape, it could be the end of Christmas magic, and you mustn’t let that happen.

Solve the puzzles, find all the bits Santa left behind, and escape before the sun rises!

Elf School; the festive escape room that’s perfect for family and friends alike.

Under 7’s play free!

Price: From £20 pp, 2 – 6 players. Duration 60-90 mins approx.

Save Christmas - VR Escape Adventure

Santas sleigh escapes into the night. He waves as you help save Christmas.

Can you help Santa and save Christmas? Santa is caught in a blizzard, he can’t find his way home and the elves have stopped working. It’s a Christmas disaster!

Hurry over to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole and find out why the Christmas elves are refusing to work, get the presents made for the children and light up the biggest Christmas tree in the forest to guide Santa home.

This delightful VR escape adventure is pure Christmas magic for all. Suitable from 7 upwards (under 10s might need adult support).

With Santa as your Gamesmaster Save Christmas will enthrall young and old alike.

Save Christmas and keep the Christmas magic alive!

For more info about VR click here.

Price: £26 pp for 2, 3 or 4 players. Duration 50-70 mins approx.

Celebrate Christmas at Sneaky Dog Escapes!

It's Chritmas Party time! A group of coworkers celbrating Christmas together.

It’s Christmas time again, and it’s time to reward the team, spend some time with coworkers, and let off some steam!

Sneaky Dog Escapes is the perfect venue for smaller groups looking for a different take on Christmas!

Our physical challenge, Elf School, or our delightful Virtual Reality adventure, Save Christmas, will bring out your inner child, make you laugh, and fill you with Christmas spirit, giving you plenty to talk about with your coworkers after you have escaped!

Perfect for groups from 4 – 10 people.  Contact us now to find out more about Christmas at Sneaky Dog Escapes.

Price: From £26 pp – Duration dependant on team size and activities chosen.


A non stop cartoon riot of lunacy, laughter and launchers. Lots of launchers…

It’s the perfect game for younger players, from 9+